About the Farm & CSA

Full Circle Farm is a 9 acre organically managed farm that is home a wide range of critters including my hubby and me.

Five years ago, we started with a field full of invasive honeysuckle and multiflora rose but each year we have expanded (with help from the goats) our production and now we a finally ready to launch our CSA!

Our CSA will run from May-January and will primarily be focused on meat & eggs although we will offer plenty of other goodies when available. Shares are delivered to Cornell on Mondays. In weekly share, you can expect to get eggs + one meat item. Perfect for those who want farm-to-table meat but with limited freezer space.

Options are:

Large $550
1 dozen eggs / week
1/4 pig (30lbs)
3 whole chickens
6 chicken breasts
6 chicken legs
1 turkey
2 whole ducks

Small $265
1 doz eggs every 2 weeks
1/8 pig (15 lbs)
2 whole chickens
4 chicken breasts
4 chicken legs
1 duck

We also offer a mix and match option! (see form below)

Chickens have a natural yearly laying schedule. Our eggs shares will usually run from May – October although if we have eggs later than that they will be included as bonus eggs in the regular weekly shares.

Contact us to sign up for a 2017 meat & egg share!

What kind of share would you like?